Which CRM Software Offers the Best Email Marketing Functionality?

Several CRMs offer email marketing functionality. Whether you need a CRM with email marketing functionality or an email marketing tool with a CRM depends on your needs and goals. For example, do you primarily need to organize your contacts for use in your general marketing strategy, or do you want to focus on email marketing and need your contacts optimized for that? Think carefully about your goals before selecting a provider.

If you’re interested in choosing a software for your small business, read our email marketing best picks.

CRM software for email marketing
Dynamics365 CRM offers customer segmentation, customer communication journeys, sales and customer service software integration, email templates, A/B testing and more.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a robust CRM with email marketing capabilities, including a customer journey builder, email studio, audience data center and AI-powered campaign personalization.

Creatio is a multichannel marketing platform that focuses on creating customer journeys, accelerating lead to revenue and enabling personalized communication across platforms.

Email marketing tools with CRM
Pabbly’s email marketing platform offers unrestricted features like marketing automation, SMTP routing, contact list management, list splitting and autoresponders. Its drag-and-drop email builder significantly simplifies the difficult, time-consuming task of designing eye-catching emails.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing tool that offers a robust CRM in addition to other tools like marketing channel management, customer insights and marketing automation.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact’s email marketing platform integrates with the Salesforce CRM to easily manage, store and organize contacts for your email campaigns.