Collaboration in The Post-Pandemic Age

Technology facilitates so much of today’s business proceedings that, when swaths of the American workforce were ordered to shelter in place and work from home, many segments of the population were able to quickly adjust thanks to some key downloads, hardware upgrades, and powerful internal communication tools at their disposal.

Remote work has pushed companies to quickly adopt online communication and collaboration software. These cloud-based tools allow colleagues to work together easily, regardless of where they are. Along with heavy hitters like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, there are other solutions available. This article is for any small business owner who wants to implement more collaborative tools in their company’s daily operations. From in-person meetings to online video conferencing, technology has made communicating with employees and clients easier and more affordable than ever. Whether you connect through software, a mobile app, or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there are various collaboration tools to consider for your small business.

Presented in no particular order, these 14 programs have proven to be useful in keeping teams operating, no matter where each remote employee is. While they don’t necessarily replace the value of colleagues working in close proximity to one another, these tools make it easier for small business teams to stay connected virtually.

  • BlueJeans by Verizon
  • Windstream Enterprise OfficeSuite UC
  • Cisco Webex
  • ClickMeeting
  • Fuze
  • Google Meet
  • GoToMeeting
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • TeamViewer
  • Unified Meeting 5
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Zoom

Key takeaway: These 14 collaboration and communication tools should be at the front of any small business owner’s mind as they seek a proper solution to get the team to work together.